Teacher Partners

 Bay Area Program

Helms Middle School, San Pablo, CA

Esther Soto

Teacher: Esther Soto
Esther grew up in Peru where she also studied science at University San Marco in Lima and taught school. She is now teaching 7th grade life science at Helms Middle School in San Pablo and working on a master's degree in education at Mills College. She loves to be around kids and always knew that teaching was the career she wanted to pursue. She especially values giving her students opportunities to participate in hands-on science activities and outdoor science explorations.

Brian Tibbot

Teacher: Brian Tibbot
Brian is a 7th grade life science teacher at Helms Middle School. As an undergraduate Brian was a biology major at UC Irvine. He went on to get a Ph.D. in agronomy at the University of Wisconsin where he studied genetics and genetic engineering. He especially enjoys introducing the kids to high tech science and techniques, and loves to see his students get excited about doing experiments.

 Field Station Program

Candy Blesse

Teacher: Candy Blesse
Truckee Elementary School, Truckee CA Sagehen Outdoor Education Program

Candy has been teaching for 15 years and currently teaches 5th grade at Truckee Elementary School. We are partnering with Candy and her school to develop and implement an outdoor science program at the Sagehen Creek Field Station in the Sierra Nevada, as part of our effort to reach out to schools in the communities surrounding our field stations. With Candy's leadership at Truckee Elementary and expertise from our fellows, we are creating an outdoor science program that uses the field station as a natural laboratory for biodiversity exploration and also integrates with 5th grade math and English curricula. "The purpose is for kids to learn about their own back yard — develop a sense of place and ownership of that place in which they live. If I can make a handful of kids understand that they can make a difference, it is worth the effort."

Kathy Echols

Teacher: Kathy Echols
Glenshire Elementary School, Truckee CA, Sagehen Outdoor Education Program

Kathy teaches 5th grade at Glenshire Elementary in Truckee, and is one of two organizing teacher partners in the Sagehen Field Station Outdoor Education Program. Her vision and organizational skills have been essential in developing, running and expanding this fabulous program.

Sagehen schools and teachers

  • Truckee Elementary School Truckee, CA
        Candy Blesse
        Jenny DeWald
        Mike Franey

  • Glenshire Elementary School, Truckee, CA
        Kathy Echols
        Suzie Dailey
        Andrea Batie

  • Donner Trail, Kingvale, CA
        Judy Finney

  • North Tahoe Elementary School, Tahoe City, CA
        Dana Hurt
        Michelle Green
        Kathleen Tippens

  • Forest Charter School, Truckee, CA
        Mark Keim


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