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 Bay Area Program

Adams Middle School, Richmond, CA
School Web Page: http://www.wccusd.k12.ca.us/adams/
Adams Middle project activities

Peg Dabel

Teacher: Peg Dabel
Peg has been teaching for 20 years and now teaches science to 7th graders at Adams Middle School. She has participated in a number of field projects in paleontology and natural history. "I like being involved in this project because I am deeply concerned about the loss of habitat and biodiversity in California and because I will learn techniques and information that I can share with my students. Our students are always excited at the prospect of being involved in projects that have meaning in the real world. They are aware of the loss of biodiversity in California but have never been offered an opportunity to have more than a minute impact on reversing this loss. Through involvement in this project the students will learn to look closely at the natural world around them and provide baseline data that could effect change!"

John Eby

Teacher: John Eby
John studied natural science in college and has an avid interest in native plants. He has been teaching science in Richmond for 15 years and is currently teaching science in grades 7 and 8. He has also set up and maintains a greenhouse at Adams Middle School. John is excited about the knowledge and resources that the project will bring to his classes. "Not only will I learn techniques and information, but students will be actively engaged in a science class with a valuable real world connection. I would like to incorporate the methods and information that I learn through this project into an ongoing study of the biodiversity in the surrounding area (school grounds and neighboring Wildcat Canyon)."

Marilyn Gonzalez

Teacher: Marilyn Gonzalez
Marilyn Gonzalez teaches 7th grade English Language Arts at Adams Middle School. She has taught language arts with the Peace Corps in Kenya, and in elementary, middle and high schools here in the Bay Area. With a lifelong interest in science and nature, and extensive experience and expertise as a language arts teacher, Marilyn is perfectly positioned to collaborate with us in our effort to integrate science activities with language arts. "There is a natural connection between science and language arts. We teach descriptive writing, vocabulary, root words, and basic communication skills, all things that are also important in science. And science brings excitement to language arts, the hands-on activities are exciting and motivating to the students — when I bring science to my teaching, it helps them engage with the lesson."

Mike Kunz

Teacher: Mike Kunz
As an undergraduate Mike studied science at San Francisco State University, majoring in Marine Biology. For the past 13 years, he has been teaching science to 7th and 8th graders at Adams Middle School. "I enjoy teaching science for the subject matter and because of the activities and labs that are hands on." He feels that the GK-12 program is a great way to "bring more knowledge and expertise to the students, to bring in the element of research and introduce the students to experts in various fields of science."

 Field Station Program

Candy Blesse

Teacher: Candy Blesse
Candy has been teaching for 15 years and currently teaches 5th grade at Truckee Elementary School. We are partnering with Candy and her school to develop and implement an outdoor science program at the Sagehen Creek Field Station in the Sierra Nevada, as part of our effort to reach out to schools in the communities surrounding our field stations. With Candy's leadership at Truckee Elementary and expertise from our fellows, we are creating an outdoor science program that uses the field station as a natural laboratory for biodiversity exploration and also integrates with 5th grade math and English curricula. "The purpose is for kids to learn about their own back yard — develop a sense of place and ownership of that place in which they live. If I can make a handful of kids understand that they can make a difference, it is worth the effort."

Sagehen schools and teachers

  • Truckee Elementary School Truckee, CA
        Candy Blesse
        Elizabeth Ford
        Dianne Collinson
        Marjie Prisco
        Sara Kuttel

  • Glenshire Elementary School, Truckee, CA
        Kathy Echols
        Monika Bock
        Maggie Bockius

  • North Tahoe Middle School, Tahoe City, CA
        Lisa McCready


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