2005-2006 Richmond High School


In the Classroom

Ryan Hill and Raphael (Rafi) Mazor began working with Rebecca (Becky) Robinson's AP Environmental Education class in late September. After introducing students to the concept that biodiversity is everywhere, even on their own school campus, the focus turned to how scientists study biodiversity. Once the students grasped some essentials of classification, Ryan and Rafi drew upon their interest and expertise in entomology to have students collect and observe insects. This was a great way to familiarize students with important concepts in evolution and adaptation that could then be applied to plants as well. Although a construction plan at Richmond High (e.g., leveling of a potential study site) disrupted a few of their biodiversity study plans, students still had an opportunity to take a look at insect biodiversity on their campus and to use data from field trips (see below) to look at ways to measure biodiversity richness and abundance.

The Richmond High team began their investigation into vertebrates just as the winter semester came to an end.

Insect curation lesson


Students rest atop a granite boulder after sampling trees at the Pacific Crest Trailhead.
Richmond-Sierra Transect Field Trip, October 14, 2005: Students traveled to the Sierra Tahoe National Forest, stopping at different elevations along the way to study how communities of plants and animals change with increasing elevation and a changing terrain.

Berkeley Natural History Museums and Berkeley Aquatic Park visit, November 30, 2005

Briones Regional Park Field Trip, February 16, 2006: An exploration into the diversity of salamanders in the East Bay.

May 13th Celebration: In celebration of their year's achievements, the students of Richmond High School prepared PowerPoint presentations and posters representing the activities of the year. Students shared field trip experiences and results of school projects. We thank Rebecca Robinson and her students for a wonderful year.

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