2003-2004 Richmond High School

Heath & Marjorie Angelo Coast Reserve

The Heath and Marjorie Angelo Coast Reserve is set in the back woods of Mendocino County and sits among the South Fork of the Eel River. The reserve was purchased by the Nature Convervancy from Heath and Marjorie Angelo, who wished to protect the land from development. The University of California later acquired approximately 4,415 acres of this land and made it into a nature reserve. The Angelo Coast Range Preserve harbours one of the largest remaining stands of old-growth Douglas fir in California. The reserve also supports a diversity of other natural communities including chaparral, redwoods, and meadows.

A lively group of students from Mr. Wharton’s sophomore science class attended the weekend field trip to Angelo Coast Reserve on April 2-4, 2004. Being in an outdoor environment was a new experience for many students and was initially met by some discomfort. However, over the course of the weekend and through experienced instruction of UC Berkeley Fellows, the students’ apprehensions soon faded as they became engrossed in each activity.

Scavenger Hunt

Jose and Chris navigate using a map and GPS.

Students learned how to navigate using GPS and maps while learning about plants and animals along the way.

Reptiles and Amphibians

A Spadefoot Toad sits at the edge of his burrow.

Students try their luck at lizard noosing. If a lizard is still enough, a student can sneak up behind it and slip the noose over its head.

Joe examines some scat he dexterously caught in his lizard noose.

Sean helps Karin get the noose off her lizard so that measurements can be taken.

Invertebrate Diversity and Abundance in a Meadow vs. a Forest

The students sampled invertebrate diversity and abundance in both meadow and forest to compare differences. After catching a butterfly with her aerial net, Danielle transfers it to a kill jar that has been charged with ethanol.

Blake’s Study

Blake, a UC Berkeley Graduate student, talks to students about his on-going research project at the Reserve. His experiment in the meadow studies the effects of global climate change on grassland ecosystems.

Other Resources

For more information about the Angelo Reserve, please see the park's website: http://nrs.ucop.edu/reserves/Angelo/Angelolinkingpage.html

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