Previous Years of Exploring: 2003-2004

School Activities

PHS 2003-04

Pittsburg High School
The Pittsburg HIgh environmental science class went on four field trips during the year: to Sagehen field station, Angelo Reserve, Hastings Reservation, and to the UC Berkeley campus. The students also completed several classroom projects including a "Native vs. Wild Grass" experiment and a "Bird Feeder" experiment. This page contains many photos from the field trips and in-depth explanations of each experiment.

RHS 2003-04

Richmond High School
The Richmond High biology class made three field trips during 2003-2004: to Sagehen Field Station, Angelo Reserve, and to Hastings Reservation. This page shows many of the photos taken during the field trip excursions.


Teacher Partners

Teachers 2003-04

A complete list of the participating teachers from the 2003-2004 school year.


Student Fellows & Assistants

Grads/Undergrads 2003-04

A complete list of the UC Berkeley graduate students and undergrads that taught in the 2003-2004 school year.