2005-2006 Pittsburg High School

Sagehen Creek Field Trip, October 21-23, 2005

Goal: To observe, collect, and compare plant and insect specimens from three different habitats.

The Field Trip: Half of the Pittsburg High Environmental Science class went to Sagehen Creek Natural History Reserve located in the Sierra Mountain Range. Over the course of the weekend students relied on techniques learned at school to collect a variety of plant and insect specimens in three different habitats: meadow, chaparral and pine forest. They used quadrats and sweep nets for collecting insects, and completed a transect to collect plants at regular intervals to get a standardized sample of the diversity in the area.

In the fen

Greg Byrnes, Martha, Miriam, Nicole and Brian in the fen looking for insects. Martha and Miriam were using the quadrat and Brian was using a sweep net.

From left, Cesia, Josefina, Angela, Miriam, Brian, Jasmin, Cassandra and Nicole collecting insects at the fen.

The fen (left) is a special place where there is more water so the ground is always spongy and carnivorous plants often grow.

Over the whole weekend the students also participated in a scavenger hunt (Word file) where they collected articles ranging from pine cones and feathers to mammal scat and snakeskins.

For many of the students, this was their first time camping, and we all had a wonderful time, despite earaches, broken cabin heaters and frosty morning hikes.

In the forest In the chaparral

Martha and Miriam collecting plants with Danica in the forest.

Yareli and Micaela writing in their field notebooks in the chaparral at Sagehen.

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