2003-2004 Pittsburg High School

Sagehen Creek Field Station

Sagehen Creek Field Station is a research and teaching facility of the University of California, located just north of Truckee, California. It is at an elevation of 6,380 feet on the east slope of the northern Sierra Nevada. The roughly 8,000 acre watershed of Sagehen Creek includes yellow pine, mixed conifer, and red fir forests, brushfields, scattered mountain meadows and fens. Deep snow is typical of the winter season, and dry, warm weather is typical of the summer period.

Half of the students in Ms. Grisham’s Environmental Science class visited the station on October 17-19, 2003 and for many it was their first trip to the Sierras. The Fellows shared their expertise as the students explored chaparral, coniferous woodland, and meadow habitats. Night hikes and star-gazing made long-lasting memories, and the days were full of biodiversity studies.

Field Trip Photo Gallery

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PHS students search for insects at Sagehen Reserve.

A PHS student sets a sherman live trap at Sagehen Reserve.

Emily DuVal, a UBC grad student, talks to students at Sagehen Reserve.

A PHS student observes fish in Sagehen Creek fish viewing station.

Emily DuVal shows a ground squirrel trapped at Sagehen Reserve.

Reserve manager Jeff Brown explains beaver activity at Sagehen.

A PHS student catches insects at Sagehen Reserve.

PHS students and UCB graduate student Anya Hinkle lay a transect at Sagehen Reserve.

PHS teacher Joni Grisham and students trap a mouse at Sagehen Reserve.

Other Resources

For more information about the Sagehen Creek Field Station, please see the park's website: http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~sagehen

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