University partners

Berkeley Natural History Museums
The BNHM is a consortium of six natural history museums and eight field stations. Together, the museum collections exceed 12 million specimens and represent the most complete holdings of living and extinct California flora and fauna.

Essig Museum of Entomology
Essig houses one of the largest and most active research collections of arthropods in the United States.

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
The MVZ is a center for research on, conservation of, and education in terrestrial vertebrates.

UC Museum of Paleontology
The UCMP is an active center of research, housing one of the nation's largest fossil collections as well as state-of-the-art facilities for the study of these fossils.

University and Jepson Herbaria
The UC and Jepson Herbaria represent the largest collection of herbarium material at a public university in the United States.

UC Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden is a living museum open to the public and features one of the most diverse plant collections in the United States.

Heath and Marjorie Angelo Coast Range Reserve
The Angelo Coast Range Reserve is located on the South Fork of the Eel River.

Hastings Natural History Reservation
The Hastings Natural History Reservation is set in the open foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains in the upper Carmel Valley.

Sagehen Creek Field Station
Sagehen Creek Field Station is a research and teaching facility of the University of California, located just north of Truckee, California.