A. Circle the best answer for each of the following and add comments if you would like.

  1. Do you like science?

    No, not much Sometimes Usually Yes, a lot


  2. Is learning science easy for you?

    No, not much Sometimes Usually Yes


B. Please answer the following questions as best as you can.

  1. What is biodiversity?



  2. Do you know of any methods that a scientist might use to find out about biodiversity?



  3. List the plants and animals you would probably find in each of the following:
  4. Below is a sample of a kind of map that is very useful for doing field work. The letters on the map correspond to the questions below.
    1. — What do these lines tell us?
    2. — What does it mean when the lines are close together?
    3. — What does it mean when the lines are farther apart?
    4. — What does this dashed line represent?
    5. — What does this dark line (blue on a color map) represent?
    6. — Can you identify this symbol?
    7. — Fill in the blank: This is the __________ point on the map.







    [Paste in topo map here]







  5. What would you use this map for?