2004-2005 Year-End Celebration

On Saturday, May 21, over 150 students, teachers, and families from our four participating schools gathered at the UC Berkeley campus. Students shared slide-show presentations about their unique experiences on GK-12 fieldtrips and classroom activities. The GK-12 director, Rosie Gillespie, honored each of the classes and school teachers with framed plaques. Finally, the audience congregated outside to visit the many posters and displays created by students and to enjoy some light refreshments.

Jovanny and Monique from Adams Middle School share their experiences

A Pittsburg High student presents his slide show.

Another Pittsburg High presentation.

GSF Tom introduces the Berkeley High student presentation.

Two girls from Berkeley High discuss their trip to Duxbury Reef.

Three Richmond High students work together to present their slide show.

A large crowd of Berkeley High students anxiously await the start of the presentations.

Two girls from Pittsburg High prepare for their speech in the audience.

GSFs Jen, Tom, and Ryan proudly watch their students' slide shows.

Time to celebrate with cake!

Two GK-12 students discuss their work from the past year while waiting for dessert.

One of the student posters

And another...

And one more.