2005-2006 Berkeley High School

UC Berkeley Strawberry Creek Restoration Project, Fall 2005-Spring 2006

A sign informing the public about the Strawberry Creek Restoration Project.

Sean plants seedlings for the restoration project.
As part of the Berkeley High students' afternoon laboratory for AP Environmental Science, students participated in the Strawberry Creek Restoration Project on the UC Berkeley campus. In the fall, students transplanted native seedlings into "cone"tainers so the individual plants could grow a larger root mass.

Planting seedlings are, from left, Daniel, Lara, Joanna, and Anton.

Anton and Clio delicately plant seedlings destined for the restoration project.

Daniel plants more seedlings.

In January 2006, after the winter storms had substantially soaked the soil, students planted the native seedlings in circular plots. They mapped the newly planted seedlings so they can measure survival rates in the spring.

Abdurhman digs a hole with a trowel to plant native seedlings.

Ben waters the newly planted seedlings with water from Strawberry Creek.

Hannah and Lauren work on planting their plot with native seedlings.

Karlos marks the planted seedlings with popsicle sticks.

Janiece sorts the seedlings by species.

Carlos gets ready to plant his seedling in a hole that he just dug.

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