2005-2006 Berkeley High School

Angelo Coast Range Reserve Field Trip,
March 29-31 & April 21-23, 2006

Perry examines an Ensatina salamander up close.
In the spring of 2006, BHS students took two fieldtrips to the Angelo Coast Range Reserve. We explored this temperate rainforest by taking hikes along the Eel River and through the forests and meadows of the reserve. We compared insect and tree diversity in three habitat types: forests, meadows, and riparian (streamside). As we hiked, students collected insects, identified trees and other plants, and looked for amphibians. We set out sherman traps at night to catch small mammals and when we checked them in the morning — we found five different species!

Trip #1 — March 29-31

BHS students take an afternoon hike along the Eel River.

Ms. Mertens is amused by Kara's attempt to kiss a Pacific Tree Frog.

A Pinyon Mouse is examined before it is released.

Trip #2 — April 21-23

The second group of BHS students are ready for their Angelo adventure.

Comparing insect diversity in forest and meadow habitats.

Orissa reads the scale in order to determine the weight of a vole.

A very large Foothill Yellow-legged Frog is discovered in Elder Creek, a tributary of the Eel River.

Zoe puts her hand next to the track of a bear to see how it compares in size.

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