2007-2008 Adams Middle School

Fall 2007 Biohunt

AMS students were taken to a local park for this activity. Data-gathering done included collecting insects, catching snakes and lizards, counting tree rings, making leaf rubbings, and sitting for one minute and writing down all the sounds heard.

Students learned that many more things lived in the creek than they expected.

Bugs are a lot more interesting when you catch them in your net.

This insect was knocked into the water, where it was easily scooped into a net.

Big boulders make lots of great hiding spots for insects, plants and animals.

The students managed to catch a small fish.

One student's experienced eye found a raccoon print.

Quick reflexes were required to catch this lizard.

This awesome caterpillar was too cramped in the collection vial (inset) — the students were happy to set it free.

Having a few students count tree rings and taking the average is the scientific way to measure the tree's age.

Counting the rings on this tree stump told the students the tree was 63 years old when it was cut down.

A leaf rubbing is a great way to examine different types of leaves.

Recording our observations at the park.

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