2005-2006 Pittsburg High School

Hastings Fieldtrip 2, December 2-4, 2005

Goal: To collect specimens and assess the biodiversity at Hastings compared to that at Adams Middle School.

Mr. Eby, Ms. Dabel, and an 8th grade student check out a grasshopper.

A student in Mr. Eby's class shows how to use an aerial net.
The Field Trip: Six students from Mr. Eby's 8th grade class and two students from Ms. Dabel's 7th grade class went to Hastings Natural History Reservation for a weekend of hiking, scavenger hunting, and exploring. The students all went on a night hike, looking at the bright stars and walking alone in the dark. They used the skills they'd learned in the schoolyard at Adams Middle School to collect plants, insects, and signs of vertebrates. They identified and curated their specimens using their skills in entomology and botany. The students showed off their newfound knowledge in an afternoon scavenger hunt and an evening game of BioJeopardy.

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