2005-2006 Pittsburg High School

Hastings Fieldtrip 1, November 4-6, 2005

AMS students watch acorn woodpeckers at Hastings Reservation in Carmel Valley.

A student in Ms. Dabel's class shows off an insect he's collected.
Goal: To collect specimens and assess the biodiversity at Hastings compared to that at Adams Middle School.

A student in Ms. Dabel's class uses a beat sheet to collect insects from a tree at Hastings Reservation.
The Field Trip: Ms. Dabel's 7th grade class took a trip to Hastings Natural History Reservation in Carmel Valley. It was a busy, fun-filled weekend. The students collected insects, plants, and signs of vertebrates, using the same techniques they used when they assessed the biodiversity at Adams Middle School. Later in the year, they will compare the biodiversity of the two areas. The class was divided into three teams for a serious scavenger hunt, using maps, compasses and their field biologist skills to find items like oak leaves, scat, and bird feathers. The highlight of the weekend was the night hike each student walked alone along a path in the dark woods, proving his and her courage and sense of adventure.

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