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To develop a learning community among graduate student fellows,
middle and high school teachers, and their students.

To bring to urban children an understanding of the natural environment
and an appreciation for biodiversity.

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Perhaps the most inspiring experience for any child is the observation of life, and with it the comprehension of life's diversity. With such an understanding comes an appreciation of variation, adaptation, and the tremendous potential for biological evolution.

Graduate fellows associated with the UC Berkeley Natural History Museums (BNHM) work with middle and high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area using the facilities and resources of the BNHM and the Berkeley Natural History Field Stations. The program involves field trips, the building and studying of natural history collections in the K-12 schools, additional study of BNHM collections, and the use of interpretive tools.

See what the students at Helms Middle School in San Pablo
have been doing in the 2010-2011 academic year:


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